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Comet's Twitpump is a free social network and blog posting site that uniquely offers a full range of multimedia to enhance consumer friends' and followers' life experiences.

With Twitpump users post short text messages (twits) accompanied with photos, video clips or live video streams.

And, only Twitpump keeps all multimedia posts in a single location that is easy to view and to comment upon. Users can have Twitpump postings automatically pumped to users' Twitter and Facebook sites.

With the Twitpump App for PC, Mac and a variety of smart phones, users can easily post messages to Twitpump (with automatic postings to Twitter and Facebook if chosen). The Twitpump App also allows users to easily to view and manage postings.

Plus, with the Twitpump App, a user can broadcast a live video stream from any location!

Many users exclusively use e-mail as their text based communications medium. These users have previously been excluded from direct connections with favorite social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitpump changes all that, by allowing users to send an e-mail to make a posting that will automatically update your Twitpump, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Give it a try by clicking here and you'll be a pumping your twits in no time!

Details about Twitpump . . .

Posting Blogs With Multimedia Content

Twitpump users publish text notes to the internet (called "posting"). Short text messages, photos taken during special events, or funny video clips recorded on a mobile phone or a video camera may all be attached to the postings. Live video can be broadcast from the user's cell phone or any computer for streaming to the user's Twitpump account. With Twitpump capability, all of this multimedia content becomes immediately accessible to family, friends, clients, and customers worldwide.

Twitpump's user accounts are very convenient for maintaining blogs that chronologically express a user's sharing of their life experiences with others. By expanding from limited to a full multimedia capability, Twitpump is unique in its ability to enhance the individual's blogs in comparison to competitive websites. Twitpump allows everyday users to create blogs filled with video and pictures that previously only were offered by professionals.

Materials posted on Twitpump by any user can quickly be viewed and commented on by colleagues, friends, and family, then automatically updated on Twitter and Facebook, making them available to millions of users globally.

Content types that can be uploaded to the internet from mobile devices or computers using Twitpump include:

  • Short text messages up to 140 characters in length
  • Pictures (stills) of any size (up to a quantity of 5 per upload), along with text comments
  • Video clips with text comments
  • Pictures and Video clips sent as attachments to email
  • Live, streaming video feed

The user also has the option of sending copies of the postings to Twitter and/or Facebook in real time or notifying Twitter and Facebook followers and friends that a live broadcast has begun streaming.

A box at the top of the Twitpump main page invites the user to create a message and attach any multimedia, which they can do with an easy click, and then follow standard browsing techniques to find and attach the multimedia content. Once attached, the user just clicks a button and their Twitpump page is immediately updated with the message. The viewer just clicks a button to experience the multimedia.

Attachments can be made in a variety of standard popular formats, including jpg, png, avi, wmv, 3pg, or mp4. Twitpump automatically converts or decodes video into a Flash format, making it more accessible to blogging users worldwide. Anyone with any one of the popular global browsers can view Flash using free Adobe plug-ins.

If a user does not want to publically display content, they can flag it so that is only visible to them, until a later time when they can choose to open it for everyone's access.

Messages on a user's Twitpump site appear in the order of posting. As soon as other user Twitpump users perform actions that refresh their link to Twitpump, their page will be updated with the latest content of the user's blog. User's can easily comment on messages and multimedia content, through Twitpump, Twitter or Facebook. These comments are saved. Finally, users can delete messages and comments whenever they'd like with a simple click.

Services offered by Twitpump cannot be matched by any competitors on the internet:

All Message Types Synchronized Map Indicates Message Source Geo-Location Post Message to Twitter & Facebook Simultaneously Text Message Live Streaming Video Video Clip Photo Audio Source Message from e-Mail
Tweetphoto nonoyesyesnonoyesnono
GoGoStat yesnoyesyesnonoyesnono

Twitpump and Mobile Devices

A cell phone can be used to transmit Twitpump and multimedia attachments, with the only limits being the capability of the cell phone itself.

A basic cell phone with a camera can send text messages with attached video clips or pictures. On the other extreme, smart phones those using Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, as well as iPhone, can take full advantage of all of Twitpump's multimedia capabilities, including live video broadcast and managing views and posts.

Twitpump technology includes a patented, proprietary form of video transmission capability that is unsurpassed in its ability to maintain connections within the constantly fluctuating bandwidths that represent the reality within cell phone communications. When other technologies disconnect when transmitting in the unstable cellular environment, Twitpump will remain solid.

In today's world where minutes are critical to users in experiencing life, only Twitpump can allow a user to, with a single click of the button, transmit a live streaming video of an important event to users' friends or customers. Concurrent with the start of the live broadcast, Twitpump automatically notifies your followers that you are now streaming live.

Of course, any mobile device with access to the internet can connect the user to their Twitpump page so that they may read and view all the multimedia messaging wherever they are.

Twitpump and Live Broadcast of Video

The same technology used by major global news networks and professional journalists to transmit live video, even in locations with an unstable cellular signal, is offered to everyone through Twitpump.

Live streaming video can be broadcast from any smart phone running the Twitpump application. Any PC or Mac can also stream live video in any wired or wireless environment.

When a user starts broadcasting a live video stream, a message is sent to all followers/friends to make them aware of the stream. The message includes a link that allows them to immediately start viewing the broadcast.

Twitpump's professional video technology was designed so that if physical safety necessitated that the reporter discontinue a feed, or communications signal was dropped by the carrier, the reporter could still continue to record the story, with Twitpump technology saving the data and transmitting it as soon as the feed is reestablished, leaving no break in the story. Twitpump offers all users this same professional capability

Twitpump's technology operates in environments where many phones can't even maintain reception. The capabilities that make Twitpump technology the choice for professional journalists also makes it the most attractive technology for citizen journalists, those individuals who choose to report newsworthy events outside the venue of classic media.

Email as a Blogging Medium Using Twitpump

Many users exclusively use e-mail as their text based communications medium. These users have previously been excluded from direct connections with favorite social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitpump changes all that.

Each Twitpump user receives a private mailbox on the Twitpump server. The user can send text messages and attachments to this private mailbox just as they would send any email, and the text and multimedia will automatically be updated on their Twitpump, Twitter and Facebook accounts in real time (if so desired.)

Integration with Popular Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook

The Twitpump app provides transparent integration of user messages with popular social networks Twitter and Facebook. If the user already has an account one of these sites, they can easily sign-into Twitpump. To use all of the Twitpump capability, they must register with Twitpump, which takes only a few seconds.

With a single click, users may opt-in to having all Twitpump messages update their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts automatically, in real time.

Twitter and Facebook messages through Twitpump are transmitted along with "short links" to attached pictures and video clips. These short links are easy to remember and can be easily inserted by users into other blog sites.

Geo-Location and Twitpump

Users of Twitpump have the option of including an automatically embedded geo-location based on GPS data related to their current location or by the IP internet address of the nearest connecting server. Exact location can be identified by the user through an interactive map.

Users can sort messages by geo-location, whether it be a specific city, state or country. This gives the user an opportunity to get immediate information from their social network on restaurant, events, vacation activities, and other useful data specific to the area where they are traveling.

More About Our Technology

Twitpump is a service developed by Comet Technologies (wwwl.cometview.com), the world leader in professional mobile video applications. Comet's First2air professional media product is used by major news gathering networks world wide and includes Comet's patented mobile technology that provides unmatched quality. Twitpump provides an opportunity for everyone to use Comet's professional quality multimedia capabilities, particularly in areas where there are weak cellular or internet connections where no other technology works reliably.

Customized Private Label Blogging & Carrier Applications

Comet provides private label versions of Twitpump that can be integrated with commercially oriented websites as an effective means of on-line marking.

Private label versions of Twitpump integrated with a business' website can allow company's to maximize their potential for communicating with people who are natural fans of their brands in a one-step process that covers Twitter and Facebook blogging in addition to Twitpump.

Twitpump is available in a customized form for inclusion of smart phones as shipped, with special tools for managing data throughout the cell phone carriers' networks.

For further information on customized Twitpump properties, please click here to contact us.

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