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Real Time video surveillance over today’s cellular networks

Comet Technologies unique codec compresses video into a format optimized for low-bandwidth, live streaming. Comet’s codec is the first and only technology to allow reliable video to be transmitted to and from commonly available cellular devices. Live upstream video is now possible over 2.5G and greater cellular networks. Utilizing limited bandwidth, Comet technology allows continuous video and audio uplinks without dropping the connection regardless of falloffs in available bandwidth or weaknesses in the cellular network’s.

The New York Police Department uses Comet technology to do surveillance. The ability for police dispatchers to monitor dashboard cameras in real time can be a true life saver for those in the field.

It’s not just for Cellular

Comet technology is useful in any situation where available bandwidth is limited. Police departments can use Comet-enabled cell phones for long-term surveillance using the city's WiFi canopy network. It’s easy to switch from cellular to WiFi to satellite using the same technology, the same video server, and the same viewing software.

Easy to use Software For professional applications

Comet’s security software applications are easily installed on any Windows or Mac PC. Comet's Launch Center allows a viewer with a user account to view multiple streams of live video simultaneously. When a live feed comes online from the field the Launch center notifies the viewer and the video stream can be displayed on screen with one click of the mouse. The Launch Center user can resize the display, open multiple windows, and replay previously transmitted video. Launch Center even supports multiple monitors with a unique feature called Studio Marker which allows the user to move any video stream onto another monitor just by dragging the mouse. In addition to Launch Center, Comet video can be viewed on a private and secure web portal by any internet connected PC/Mac with the proper credentials. Comet Capture, our video transmission software, installs easily on most smart phones. When a higher quality video feed is required, Comet Capture can be installed on a laptop and used over a cellular air-card, WiFi, or any available broadband connection.

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