Social Networking

Comet's Twitpump is a free social network and blog posting site that uniquely offers a full range of multimedia to enhance consumer friends' and followers' life experiences.

With Twitpump users post short text messages (twits) accompanied with photos, video clips or live video streams.

And, only Twitpump keeps all multimedia posts in a single location that is easy to view and to comment upon. Users can have Twitpump postings automatically pumped to users' Twitter and Facebook sites.

With the Twitpump App for PC, Mac and a variety of smart phones, users can easily post messages to Twitpump (with automatic postings to Twitter and Facebook if chosen). The Twitpump App also allows users to easily to view and manage postings.

Plus, with the Twitpump App, a user can broadcast a live video stream from any location!

Many users exclusively use e-mail as their text based communications medium. These users have previously been excluded from direct connections with favorite social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitpump changes all that, by allowing users to send an e-mail to make a posting that will automatically update your Twitpump, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Give it a try by clicking here and you'll be a pumping your twits in no time!

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