Comet SCORE is an AI based digital target monitoring, scoring and tournament system for use in shooting ranges.

The system fully interacts with the customer's social network.

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  • Real weapons, your weapons – not lasers
  • Typical paper targets
  • No added wires or attachments


  • Bullet to bullet detection
  • AI gives unbelievable accuracy to scoring


  • 10-inch Tablet at lane stall lets you see close-up of results immediately
  • Automatic, instantaneous personal and tournament scoring


  • Share results with friends instantaneously on social networking
  • Intra-range and Multi-range tournaments

Key Features

  • Unparalleled accuracy from patent-pending artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Automatic scoring and recording for free shooting and tournaments that are intra-range or multi-range
  • No cost or risk to range for equipment installation, maintenance or training
  • Real time upload to social networking and smart phone where customer has on-line access to histories

Benefits to Range

  • Immediacy of seeing results adds excitement and improves customer experience
  • Less time reeling-in targets – more time shooting – more target and ammunition sales
  • Tournaments yield revenues plus potential increases in target and ammunition sales
  • Customers on-line activity is promotional for the range, attracting a young demographic

What’s Included

  • Digital Camera for target monitoring
  • Samsung Tablet A with 10-inch screen, permanently mounted in each lane’s stall, which allows range customer to:
    • Have close-up view of target and results
    • Monitor automatic scoring in real time
    • Join and participate in Tournaments (Multi-range and Intra-range)
    • Share results immediately to social networking and smart phone
  • In-range PC to communicate with Tablets and Internet
  • Cloud-based centralized server
  • Patent-pending Comet AI software and technology

About Comet

  • 15 years of cell phone video and VR with multiple patents
  • Comet’s AI is state-of-the-art
  • History of technology leadership
    • First live streaming video from a cell phone
    • First two-way video on a cell phone
    • First live stream video from cell phone to TV (Fox News)

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